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People Who Make It All Possible

At Zest For Light Reborn, we understand that taking a leap of faith is the first step toward success, and it's only natural because we're passionate about turning our mission—building a better working world—into meaningful progress that will shape and improve the future of our communities, clients, and people. 

The individuals that make our vision a reality and our work not just feasible but also effective are the driving force behind our purpose.




Marilyn Lindor

CEO Leadership Development Coach

We have had one aim since our founding in 2023, which we carried from the year prior, and it continues to be our driving force.

  • Enhancing and reinforcing leadership knowledge,

  • Practice of light in conduct, and

  • development of leadership for social benefit.

Since then, we've been inspired to serve with purpose, and we hope to transform the industry by collaborating with leaders to address their most pressing issues.


By increasing human potential, we invest in a brighter future for society as a whole.


If you have any unanswered queries, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section, and if you are ready to test the connection, please contact us! You can also send me a connection request through LinkedIn.

We help leaders develop, both personally and professionally, their vision and reach their maximum potential

At Zest For Light Reborn, we believe that leadership is a gift that gives power, a power that only comes when we lean to the echoes of it, and that if we believe in others, they will also believe in us. The world is constantly changing, and there will always be unexpected obstacles, but when leaders can realize their full potential, they have the ability to chart an ideal course for everyone, and that's the mastery that only the greats understand.

Why Partner With Us?

Many executives today, for themselves or their businesses, are considering outsourcing learning and development to a coaching partner. This may be a beneficial option, since personalized leadership development programs allow you to:

  • Create a leadership path tailored to you and/or your organization's environment and culture.

  • Implement a rigorous strategy for developing leadership potential in your business.

  • Ensure cultural change for long-term organizational transformation.

We can assist you in determining the best course of action, regardless of the size or field of your business or the sort of interruption you are facing. Our development faculty understands your organization's objectives and creates tailor-made leadership development solutions to maximize effectiveness within your environment.

Our tailored leadership training solutions, whether given in-person, online, or in a mixed format, provide human-centered experiences that spark revolutionary change for you and your business.



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