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Intergrated Coaching

Effective leadership has never been more crucial

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Integrated coaching allows you to extend leadership development outside of the classroom and triple your return on investment.

It is one thing to take a course on leadership. However, if you want to get the most out of your investment, consider comprehensive coaching. A mix of coaching and leadership training may help you guarantee that program learning is applied in the workplace, resulting in enhanced performance and long-term transformation.

Intergrated Coaching

Why Choose Our Integrated Coaching Solutions?

Unlike coaching approaches that are limited to a single modality or methodology, integrative coaching thrives on cross-disciplinary cooperation, resulting in a comprehensive and personalized framework for individual client growth. Integrative coaching is founded on the belief that no single coaching style or plan is a one-size-fits-all solution. Recognizing the variety of human experiences and aims, integrative coaching moves away from rigidity and toward more coach flexibility with their clients. This suggests that coaches have undergone extensive training in evidence-based approaches and can smoothly integrate them to meet each client's individual requirements. 

We provide an integrated leadership strategy that draws on a leader's best values, abilities, and purpose to produce optimal results. This focus on evidence guarantees that coaching solutions are not hypothetical, but rather based on research and real-world effectiveness. Integrative coaching makes use of the abundance of information available, whether it is based on psychology or neurological research. This practice is based on the premise that, in order to maximize the developing potential we have with our clients at any given time, all elements of ourselves—from the highest to the most wounded—must be addressed and completely present.


Integrate coaching and leadership training to make learning stick

Leaders nowadays must work with people who have diverse objectives and expectations. Multiple generations exist in the business world, each with unique requirements, ambitions, and aspirations. As a result, the fundamental topic and behavioral style demanded of leaders at all levels is to promote compatibility and harmony across these generations. As a result, leaders who have a comprehensive perspective, understand the big picture in the development of the people with whom they work, take a holistic approach to themselves, their surroundings, and their employees, and provide complete support for their success are critical components of any business.

With this concept in mind, Zest For Light Reborn Integral Coaching for Leaders ensures the development of important leadership skills as leaders or candidates within the organization create the future of the company through our beginner and advanced programs that teach leaders coaching skills such as:

  • High increase in productivity.

  • Stay focused on high-value-added work. 

  • Reduce stress and improve health.

  • Improve interactions with others.

  • Maximize team commitment.

  • Regain a sense of meaning and purpose.

We assist you in identifying the appropriate viewpoints, techniques, and procedures to catapult you, your team, and your business to the next level.

Zest For Light Reborn Executive Coaching

Our integrated coaching offers a personalized framework for individuals and long-term transformative experiences that yield meaningful benefits for individuals and organizations. Our specialists connect business executives with the proper coach based on their technical experience, competence, personality, and language, ensuring a fantastic fit and a fruitful executive coaching engagement.

Our engagement with CEOs focuses on developing and integrating leadership competence, flexibility, and confidence under the rigorous conditions of organizational leadership. This strategy not only improves leadership effectiveness and corporate outcomes, but it also results in a more balanced and meaningful life.

Get Started Now With Our Intergrated Leadership Coaching Packages

It takes time to effect meaningful behavioral change. Our coaches can offer your leaders the 1:1 support, inspiration, and accountability they require—before, during, and after a leadership program. Our coaching and leadership training are intended to reinforce and reaffirm your leaders' newly acquired techniques and abilities.

  • When coaching is included in our leadership development programs, CEOs may practice new behaviors in the workplace and reflect on their impact, resulting in the formation of new and long-lasting habits.

  • Coaching and leadership training can be combined with individual assessment data, 360-degree feedback, reflective program analysis, and goal-setting.

  • Virtual coaching enables you to provide complete coaching from anywhere, at any time.

Our rigorous selection, training, and quality control methods ensure that your leadership coach is one of the finest in its field. We routinely evaluate coaches' performance and value to clients to ensure a suitable fit and productive integrated coaching sessions.


When recommending coaches, we take into account your executives' technical background, skill set, personality, and language preferences. The integrated coaching packages, which come in 45- or 60-minute intervals, allow your busy executives to receive integrated instruction at any time, including beyond conventional work hours. Integrated coaching is delivered digitally, eliminating the need for physical travel. To start, please contact us.

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